Fully Custom Gloss White Technics 1200 with Audio Modifications

Fully Custom Technics Refurbished and Upgraded with Audiophile Modifications.

Powder Coated Gloss White with a Gloss Black Platter. Lazer Engraved Original logos. Additional parts have been powder coated including the Tonearm assembly, pivot bracket, Popup Lamp & Pitch Control Knob.

Tonearm has been Rewired with Premium silicone coated Litz Wiring and dampening has been added in the tonearm. To make the most of the new tonearm wiring Custom Made Mogami Cables with Premium Connectors were also installed.

New Power Cable installed. All Blue LEDs Conversion done. Spindle was deep cleaned and reset. New 33 & 45 Switches installed. New Black Pitch Decal Installed. Pitch fader has been recalibrated, brake adjusted for sharp clean stop and much more work done.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need quality work done on your Technics 1200!!

Email: Solo@TechnicsTech.com