Quality Repairs & Custom Modifications

Welcome to TechnicsTech.com!!

Here you can buy Refurbished and Upgraded Technics 1200s or get your Technics turntables serviced to get the most out of your decks. 1200s are still the #1 choice of most DJ’s worldwide. Getting proper maintenance extends the life of these already sturdy and hardworking turntables.

     Our care and work on your tables will help you keep them performing correctly and help you to mix with more with accuracy. Random electronics repair shops most likely will not give your Technics the extra attention and expert analysis to help you make the upgrades and modifications you can find with us here at TechnicsTech. We offer Audiophile modifications and work with premium tools, chemicals and techniques to get the best sound out of these classic tables. We offer a full range of colors for LED conversions, keep most Technics parts in stock (which is a constant hunt as most parts are out of production now..) and we can also work on other Turntable varieties such as Pioneer, Vestax, Numark, ReLoop, Denon, Sony, MCS, Thorens, Rek-O-Kut, General Electric, Dual, Micro Seiki, Music Hall, ProJect, Fisher, Marantz, Onkyo & more.

Golden Era Samplers, Drum Machines, Synthesizers & Sound Modules are all also part of our specialty here as we have bought, sold, repaired and refurbished many classics for over a decade loosely on EBay and with local sales sites & apps as Tha Funk Shop. we have experience with classic equipment from Akai, Boss, Casio, Crumar, E-MU, Ensoniq, Korg, Kurzweil, Linn, Novation, Oberheim, Quasimidi, Roland, Simmons, Yamaha & More. Tha Funk Shop is what started all this and TechnicsTech is a branch to call out more directly for the Technics work. We hope you enjoy your time visiting our site and we hope to work on your tables in the future. Thanks for checking it out. For all questions email me directly at Solo@TechnicsTech.com to get more info on getting your tables in for service.

Main base of operation is in Orlando, FL and clients bring tables from all over the state. We also accept Mail In Orders and can provide work (if arranged ahead of time) while DJs or visitors are on vacation with Family or visiting tourist attractions. This might be especially useful for travelers from out of the country. Emergency or Rush Services are possible for an extra charge but subject to my availability at time of request.